Aye, Dark Overlord! The Red Box

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Whether it's in comic books, movies, or fantasy novels, the forces of Good always seem to eke out a win over Evil. Once the minions and monsters have slithered back to the darkness, however, there's an Emperor, Evil Wizard, or Dark Overlord demanding to know why his or her plans fell apart. 

Aye Dark Overlord!: The Red Box is a re-release of the classic 2005 version of the storytelling party game for four to seven players where Servants give their best excuses to appease their evil master, lest they suffer the wrath of their Dark Overlord. Hint cards give the players a framework for their story, but it's up to their wits to avoid the Withering Looks of the Dark Overlord and live to serve another day.

Products specifications
Publisher Fantasy Flight Games
Product No. FFGST10
Designer Fabrizo Bonifacio Massimiano Enrico Chiara Ferlito
Playing Time 10-30 minutes
No. of Players 4-7
Suggested Ages 14+
Genre Card Games
Domain Party Game
Category Bluffing/Deduction/Memory
Game Mechanic Storytelling
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