Firefly: The Game – Jetwash [Expansion]

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The Firefly: The Game – Jetwash Coachworks game booster adds a new Series IV Firefly to Firefly: The Game. Named for the late Hoban Washburne and built on the newer Series IV Firefly chassis, the Jetwash befits its namesake: fast, with plenty of tricks up its sleeve.

A Coachworks game booster contains everything players need to add a new ship to Firefly: The Game. The Jetwash set contains a new Firefly Series IV model (yellow-green); ship card; color-coordinated ship dice (yellow-green); a drive core card; new ship upgrades; a new Leader crew card; sheet of game tokens; a new Set Up Card; and a new Story Card.

This product is an expansion for the Firefly: The Game board game and requires the core game to play. Not a stand-alone game.

Products specifications
Publisher Gale Force Nine
Product No. GFNFIRE007
Designer Aaron Dill, John Kovaleski, Sean Sweigart
Playing Time Two hours +
No. of Players 2-7
Suggested Ages 13+
Genre Board Games
Domain Thematic Game
Category [Expansion]
Game Mechanic Pick-Up & Deliver
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