Picture of Istanbul: Brief & Siegel [Expansion]

Istanbul: Brief & Siegel [Expansion]

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Five new, promising places await the bazaar merchants in the second expansion for the multi-award-winning board game Istanbul: Letters & Seals. Now, players can deliver letters on behalf of the embassy and gain seals in return – a valuable resource for which the secret society of Istanbul is willing to pay with rubies from secret sources – which also affects the price for rubies.  

More flexibility, more interaction and the option to play on a huge 5x5 bazaar: the expansion Letters & Seals adds many more possibilities to the popular board game Istanbul but also manages to keep its flow and unusual fast gameplay for a family plus game. May the hunt for rubies continue.

This product is an expansion for Istanbul board game and requires the core game to play. Not a stand-alone game.

Products specifications
Publisher Pegasus Spiele
Product No. PEG55117G
Designer Rüdiger Dorn
Playing Time 30-60 minutes
No. of Players 2-5
Suggested Ages 10+
Genre Board Games
Domain Strategy Game
Category [Expansion]
Game Mechanic Pick-Up & Deliver
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