Picture of Tragedy Looper: Cosmic Evil [Expansion]

Tragedy Looper: Cosmic Evil [Expansion]

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This second Tragedy Looper expansion includes three new Basic Tragedy Scripts, and nine scripts that tackle two new Tragedy Sets: Midnight Zone and Mystery Circle.

In Midnight Zone, what you think you know may not be what you truly know. Lies and deceptions abound as you try to unravel the truth.

In Mystery Circle, there are no evil spirits or superhuman powers - they don’t exist. This is a world where only logic and deduction prevails.

This product is an expansion for the Tragedy Looper board game and requires the core game to play. Not a stand-alone game.

Products specifications
Publisher Z-Man Games
Product No. ZMG71472
Designer BakaFire
Playing Time Two hours +
No. of Players 2-4
Suggested Ages 13+
Genre Board Games
Domain Thematic Game
Category [Expansion]
Game Mechanic Co-operative Play
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